It’s a Llama!


It’s a little llama that jumps when you pull his strings. This design is meant to be a build-it-yourself kit for making an ornament. The pieces all snap together and string can be added to hang it and create the frolicking motion.There are 11 pieces altogether, not including the string, that you can print in any color combination you want.

All of the STL files for printing one are available on Thingiverse here.



This llama was created as a part of a series that I like to refer to as my mildly mechanical designs. I like the idea of making things that incorporate one or two basic engineering principles. I think of these designs as way to teach myself how to use these principles, as well as a way to show others how they work.

Designing and Making Custom Cement Pavers

Here are some in-progress shots of a batch of our concrete pavers. These photos show four of our first custom designs. The next designs are currently being formulated and won’t be so fish-centric. All of the pavers were made on the porch of my own (tiny) apartment from homemade silicone molds.  You might recognize the fish art from one of my previous posts.  
inproductiontunaThis guy is our yellowfin tuna design, prior to it being painted.


My porch is only about 12 x 7 ft. so it gets a little tight when there are more than a couple pavers in production. In this photo you can see the dolphin, wahoo, and sailfish designs. The surfaces are sanded down and polished to fix any imperfections.


When it starts raining, everything gets moved inside. Here is a photo of me experimenting with paint. The final pavers are coated in concrete sealant on top of any coloration of the designs.


These guys got a realistic paint job since they were for a pretty hardcore fisherman.  Going forward the designs will probably end of being more monochromatic due to time constraints.

This design project is ongoing as part of ShipHouse (a product production collaboration between myself and one other.)  We hope to continue to design, produce and sell pavers locally.

Bait Fish & Big Fish Drawings

I have recently been drawing fish for a new design project. These are hand drawn in sharpie and then scanned in in black and white mode and converted to vector outlines in Illustrator.  I then open the vectors in the CAD program Solidworks and create models by extruding the shapes. In this way I can use my own drawings to create and 3D print models that will later be molded into other materials (in this case concrete). My process is a combination of both old school and new school techniques but I enjoy the process of seeing my drawings transition between materials and dimensions.






Big fish (marlin, wahoo, & dolphin) and bait fish (flying fish, pilchard, & cigar minnow).