Oscar Eastwood @ Maker Faire Atlanta

I was recently involved with exhibiting at the Maker Faire here in Atlanta.  I participated with a group of friends under the umbrella of Oscar Eastwood. We made and sold simple circuit kits that were custom designed laser-cut critters with a LED, coin cell battery, battery holder, and conductive thread.  It was a great experience and we loved sharing our designs with all of the kids who came by our booth. We are already planning on participating in more local creative events.

You can check out more pictures of our work here http://oscareastwood.com/

Below is my critter – Snapper.




Stump Candle Update

I discovered a neat trick with an older project of mine, once you burn your candle down to the bottom you can use it as a planter. There is even already a hole in the bottom from the wick. I switched to a smaller diameter wick with the 2nd batch of candles I made so the walls stay fairly intact as it burns down. I thought of this idea a while ago, but it took me forever to actually burn a candle down and investigate.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1


snappySnappy is a new art project I started this week. If you can’t tell he is a snapping turtle, and if you didn’t know, I love turtles (but doesn’t everyone?). These are a few of the first revisions of my design but it still has a long way to go. The end goal is to have a stencil laser cut that I can use to paint him on wood cutouts. The second image is the only one so far that will work as a stencil since it is the only one with a continuous colored area. Hopefully I can make a bunch and give them away for free around Atlanta in the next few weeks. Just cuz.   snapppy1 snapppy

Fish Charms

Hook a fish. The hook comes out of its mouth with a little wiggling. The tail also flaps around. I love using 3-D printing to make things that are mildly mechanical and would be a pain to make by any other method. I think this little guy is destined for a brighter colors and a smoother texture.




Barnacle Magnets

I have been working on a project to design some refrigerators magnets. I liked the idea of making my fridge look like it had been lost underwater for an extended period of time and then salvaged. The stripes are a byproduct of using ABS to print a very organic shape. I think they suit this project. The back side has a cylindrical cut out that fits a standard ceramic magnet.




Sea Turtle Puppet

Growing up I had a series of Wizard of Oz figurines that would move their arms and legs if you on pulled their strings. This is a version of that design where you use a downward pulling motion to cause the flippers to flap. The beauty of 3-D printing is that you can print the whole thing in one go with the chain already attached.  You could also easily replace the links with string if wanted to improve durability.