Designing and Making Custom Cement Pavers

Here are some in-progress shots of a batch of our concrete pavers. These photos show four of our first custom designs. The next designs are currently being formulated and won't be so fish-centric. All of the pavers were made on the porch of my own (tiny) apartment from homemade silicone molds.  You might recognize the fish art … Continue reading Designing and Making Custom Cement Pavers


Snappy! II

Finalized (well...maybe..that is an awfully strong word) Snappy. The inverted image is for dying fabrics or stencils where I want the white to be the part that gets colored.


Alan was started out of jealousy over my friends awesome frog stuffed animal.  I made him to keep me company, but then I thought he deserved a painting.  I often find myself moving back and forth between 3-D to 2-D.  I love the playful interactions  you can create and enjoy.