3D Scanning a Turtle

This guy is a little critter I made to test out some more of our Makerbot Digitizer’s functionality. I scanned him about six times from all different angles. The digital file still did not pick up all of the cracks, crevices, and surface features, but I think the overall model turned out cute.


Clay sculpture on the scanning turntable.


Sculpture with the scan. Deep cracks didn’t really show up in scan.



A fun part of PLA plastic is that it floats and you can color on it with crayons, so bath toys!



Tonight’s the Night

Tonight is the night of the Trigger Design Show in NYC. I had a great time making my piece and it is exciting to be exhibiting with such a diverse group of talented people. I’m getting some photos taken of my piece in the space so hopefully I will have those to post soon.

Other than that work life has been crazy so I don’t have too many new designs to show you. I did get a couple of designs printed (and reprinted) lately so here is one because I can’t handle a post without a picture.

My longevity turtle printed in transparent detail plastic. This is my new favorite material for it.
My longevity turtle printed in transparent detail plastic. This is my new favorite material for it.



Trigger Design Show NYC

My design will on display at the Trigger Design Show NYC  during NYC x Design week.  The theme of the show is Gun Violence, and my entry is called “Guts”. I am excited to see everybody’s work and how the show turns out.


The apples are 3-D printed ceramics, and the guts are hand-painted silicone.



applesfront2My Artist Statement: Entry and exit wounds applied to inanimate objects to illustrate how a minor action can have drastic consequences. Guns elevate the shooter by offering distance, and thus removal, from their impact. Bullets cause gory messes with almost no physical exertion required from the user. Apples symbolize the targeted innocence of the victims.

Ceramic Tile Design: Sea Sponge Inspired

I have been working on a ceramic tile design. I wanted to see if I could 3-D print a prototype in plastic and then make a plaster mold for production. I have learned it is pretty tricky to produce an interesting 3-dimensional image in such a shallow relief. I like this one, but I have to change the deep undercuts inside the sponges if I want to make a plaster mold that will ever come off. This design is a standard 6 x 6 inch tile size. I could just have the design printed in ceramics but the material cost alone would come in at about $200 per square foot (which is a little too crazy)…so I am still tinkering with it.





Ceramics Design

Did you know you can 3-D print ceramics? Well you can! It is super neat technology that is getting better all of the time. I really like traditional ceramics, but I don’t have easy access to a kiln so 3-D printing helps to scratch my design itch. I just ordered some new pieces so until they arrive here are some teaser images….

(If you can’t tell I’ve been really into boxes lately. I like the idea of celebrating the neglected container of other objects.)