3-D Printing Wood!



I recently bought some Wood-Based PLA to experiment with. It is made from 80% wood pulp, a little adhesive, and a little PLA. When it prints it has a really nice matte finish and the texture almost make it feel like cardboard (in a good way). An added bonus – when it prints it has that nice wood burning smell..


All of the light brown colored prints in these photos are examples of this wooden filament.



Both of the photos show a clay sculpture of a stump underneath a 3-d scanned version of itself. You can see the scanner had difficulty picking up the deep cracks of the sculpt. The top stump is printed in the wood based PLA. The print resolution is not great, and due to some temperature variation, there are cracks and artifacts throughout. However I tend to like the visible layers because they remind me of tree growth rings, so it seems fitting.

I am going to continue experimenting with different brands of filament and machine settings, stay tuned.

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